ældar - guardian spirits believed to watch over individual species, locations, or elements
ælven - a race of immortal beings
alben - enemies of the
ælven; similar but considered a separate race
Althill - a village in the mountains of northern Alpinon
Asurindel - a river that runs near Highstone, forming the waterfall known as the Three Shades
balmleaf - a soothing medicinal plant
Bitterfield - a town in southern Fireshore
bitterthorn - a rambling bush with stinging thorns
Blackheart - a volcano near Nightsand
catamount - a large species of wild feline
Clerestone - a village in Alpinon, not far from Highstone (Luruthin is theyn)
Coldwater Lake - a lake in the mountains at the western extreme of the Steppe Wilds
conce - a memorial to an
ælven who has died in violence or distress
cup bond - a bond between two lovers, lasting a year and a day
darkwood - a variety of tree that grows in the north, coveted for its strength and durability
dryleaf - a medicinal plant that stops bleeding
Ebon Mountains - a mountain chain that runs north to south and divides the continent
ebonglass - black volcanic glass used for tools and weapons by the kobalen
elderfather - a male ancestor of any generation
eldermother - a female ancestor of any generation
evennight - the time in either spring or autumn when night and day are of equal length
firespear - a variety of tree whose leaves turn gold in autumn, native to Alpinon
Firethroat - a volcano on the northern shore, near Ghlanhras
fleececod - a plant from which cloth is woven
Ghlanhras - the main city of Fireshore, home to its governors
Glenhallow - the main city of Southfæld, home to its governors
greenleaf - any variety of tree with green leaves that fall in autumn
Hallowhall - the palace of the governors in Glenhallow
handfasting - a lifelong bond between two lovers (rare)
Heahrued - a village in the mountains of Alpinon (Gharinan is theyn)
hearthroom- the first room entered in an
ælven house or public building
Highstone - the main city of Alpinon, home to its governors
Hollirued - the main city of Eastfæld, home to its governors
honeycup - a sweet-scented, golden flower native to Southfæld
khi - energy, particularly that of living beings, plants, and animals
kobalen - a primitive intelligent species, enemy to the
Midrange - a valley near the border between Southf
æld and alpinon; also a pass across the Ebons
nextkin - a designated successor, often but not necessarily a relative
Nightsand - the alben's main city in the west
Saharis - a star
Silverwash - a river that runs down from the Ebons at Midrange and flows south past Glenhallow
Skyruach - a tall rock formation in Southfæld, site of a battle in the Midrange War
sunfruit - a citrus fruit, native to Fireshore
theyn - one who governs a city, village, or town
Watersmeet - the main city of the Steppe Wilds, home to its governors
Westgard - site of the culminating battle of the Bitter Wars, in Fireshore
Woodrun - a town in Fireshore, active in the darkwood trade
whitewood - a variety of greenleaf tree, native to Southfæld

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