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Deleted Scenes

Sometimes good scenes are cut for reasons of length, or because they do not advance the main plot.  These scenes were removed from The Betrayal for such reasons.

Often such scenes illuminate characters or background information which, while not strictly necessary to the story, enhance the depth of the world.  I hope you enjoy these additional glimpses into the ælven realms.

Bonus scene #1, "The Flute" (at Book View Cafe)
     This scene takes place the morning after Turisan's arrival in Highstone.

Bonus scene #2, "A Child Indentured" (at Book View Cafe)
     After Shalár calls for the grand hunt, but before it takes place.

Bonus scene #3, "Skyruach" (at Book View Cafe)
     As Eliani and the Alpinon delegation are journeying to Glenhallow, Governor Felisan tells
     of the Battle of Skyruach.

Bonus scene #4, "The Whispering Walk" (at Book View Cafe)
     After her arrival in Glenhallow, Eliani muses in the fountain court at Hallowhall.

Bonus scene #5, "Remembering Surani" (at Book View Cafe)
     As Turisan awaits Eliani's return to Glenhallow with the stranger Kelevon, he and his father
     talk of Surani, Turisan's mother.