"—an inticing, solid debut fantasy novel."
—Craig Crissinger, Albuquerque Journal

"In The Betrayal, Pati Nagle creates a magical world where the bright elves and their peaceful society are threatened by a darkly twisted new breed of elves who are as tragic as they are dangerous.  Hope lies with a pair of young lovers joined by a powerful and unsettling magical bond.  Lyrical and deeply romantic, The Betrayal is an enthralling read."

NYT bestselling author Mary Jo Putney

"Pati Nagle has created a world and culture that play with elvish and vampiric themes in a fresh way. That freshness, combined with interesting characters and a fast-paced story, makes The Betrayal an entertaining read."

—National bestselling author Anne Bishop

"A rich, intriguing novel, The Betrayal presents a multi-faceted tale loaded with everything a dedicated fantasy reader could desire.  The complex political and social dynamic that binds the sylvan ælven to their tainted alben kin introduces a conflict of truly epic porportions." 

—Bestselling author Jane Lindskold

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The Betrayal
Blood of the Kindred series, book 1
Del Rey Books
March 2009
ISBN-10: 0345503856     ISBN-13: 978-0345503855

When the touch of a hand and a caring thought create a psychic bond that can span vast distances, the lives of two young ælven strangers are forever changed.  Turisan and Eliani share the legendary gift of mindspeech, which can aid their people on the eve of war—but only if they are willing to embrace an irrevocable intimacy.

cover art by Craig White
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